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"I would highly recommend, Afsaneh Mahmudipur, to assist anyone through the Rapid Transformational Therapy experience!!  She is phenomenal at releasing your pain for peace! She has amazing talents, superb intuition and wisdom beyond her years, which she uses seamlessly throughout the process."


- Renee Krizsan


“Working with Afsaneh was tremendous. From the beginning of the point of contact you know that she genuinely cares about this practice and helping others. It’s important to find someone that you can work with that creates a safe space for you (especially in this type of therapy). At no point was I concerned or worried about my session.

During the session she used very powerful tools to help me uncover the true reasons why I have been struggling with bouts of depression. Rapid Transformational Therapy has great training and tools that have helped me release limited beliefs and diminishing behaviours. I felt really supported in our session and have this sense of freedom now. 

It’s great to know there are people like Afsaneh to take on the responsibility to help others heal from fears and phobias PERMANENTLY. I highly recommend this type of therapy to anyone that wants to experience a better life. And I highly recommend Afsaneh as your RTT guide.”

- Johnny Cantiveros, Certified High Performance Coach


"I felt completely safe and in good hands with Afsaneh.

Afsaneh understood me well, reassuring me and explaining things in a caring manner and has a lovely soothing voice in the personalized recording she gave me.  This recording backs everything in the session which is very important to me. The session ran smoothly and I felt in good hands throughout.

Afsaneh helped me to uncover a long standing acute issue around my throat, mouth, jaw and neck.  This has been acute for years and I found the pain and swelling unbearable at times.  I now have experienced alot of insight into why I had this and I'm now currently experiencing an accumulative change taking place within me with less pain and slightly less swelling.  Although I need a second and possibly even a third session this would not be unusual for a long standing problem such as mine.

RTT is amazing it gives you more than you could ever expect and it is helping me on the way to unlocking my suppressed and blocked up emotions, I now understand the cause of my pain and now I am on the way to full recovery."


- Joanna 



"Afsaneh is a gifted RTT hypnotherapist and healer. I felt like she understood me and truly cared for my well-being throughout the whole process. She was able to gently guide me to realizing some big limiting beliefs that I had been holding onto since I was just 4 years old. From our one session together, I feel more liberated and empowered. She is also incredibly intuitive and offered me such amazing wisdom. Thank you, Afsaneh!"


- Anne



"I was completely blow away today by the ground breaking, earth shattering breakthrough I had today during our session. I didn't realise I held on to so much guilt and pain. I felt a weight being lifted after our session. Your voice and your manner of communication felt  as though heaven had open it's doors and allowed an angel to speak and guide me towards my healing. You walked me through the light and I felt you were a kindered spirit. You will definitely be a healer to transform many lives to live their true purpose, and their authenticity. Thank you, thank you, thank you for assisting me in smashing, shattering, dumping  my old sabotaging beliefs. Love and light."

- Nisha



“I recently did a hypnotherapy session with Afsaneh. The experience was deeply emotional and cathartic. Afsaneh did a beautiful job of asking questions, and guiding me on my journey. She was supportive and empathetic. 

She also provided me with a recording, so that I can repeat the journey as needed. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for hypnotherapy services. Thanks again."

- Anna 💗🙏🏻

"Dealing with PTSD as an adult due to childhood trauma has been so difficult.  As a mother now I wanted to make sure I was not letting these traumas leak out onto my child's up Bringing. 

I have had one session so far, Afsaneh was really able to help me find some peace. We really worked through some very difficult and traumatic situations I endured as a little girl. I am excited to continue working with Afsaneh so I can go further with my healing process. Thank you for helping me find the light again."

- Fatemeh


"My hypnotherapy session with Afsaneh was an eye opening experience. Not only was it calm and relaxing but the emotional release I had afterwards helped me move past some childhood trauma that I didn’t realize was effecting me to this day. I would highly recommend her to family and friends."

- Jay

Afsaneh is a wonderful Hypnotherapist and was able to get me into a relaxed deep state. It was a very emotional state that brought up some hurtful memories, she was right there with me and I felt safe the whole time. The session allowed me to recognize and reflect on some uncomfortable memories and work through them. I was very relaxed and comfortable throughout the session. Great experience. Thank you.    


- Stephanie S.

Afsaneh knowledge of guidance showed me clear path to follow trough of many questions about my life, and self discovery. Her sessions are really shows care and passion about her profession. I am great full to have been work with her.                   

- Attila 

Afsaneh literally transformed my life. Session 1 and I was already doing better, less anxious, started eating better, just overall did better like it was some magic. 

She listens so carefully and says all the right things when even you dont know it was the right thing, like it just clicks! And the fact that she's available despite your appointment being a week away just builds that safety net you need with your therapist. 

I would 110% recommend you to go for her sessions. Its so worth every single cent, I kid you not! Happy healing 



Life changing therapy! From my heart and soul I can say that Afsaneh is a true healer. I battled anxiety, and with one HTT session with her, she helped me heal from past traumas that I was holding onto. I felt an immediate shift in my life. I no longer suffered from constant anxiety, I felt calm and free. I now experience more joy and love in my life. I am calm and present in each moment. The process was so amazing to me, she was so easy to work with, she is a real person, very kind and understanding. I felt very comfortable with her immediately . I have recommended her to some of my dearest friends and family, for their healing journeys also. Thank you so much❤️



I had the best experience in my session with Afsaneh. She truly is a magical healer. She has changed my life for the better. I had so many different areas of my life to work at. My marriage was failing, and I felt like I had failed myself on daily bases. She showed me how special I am and how important I am. She saved my life and my marriage. I am forever grateful to you.

Thank you for doing what you do best 


Therapy with Afsaneh was truly life changing. Never experienced anything like it. How she listens to details and feels everything that you are going through. You know that you are in a safe space and that you have really been heard. For a man its very difficult to come out of your comfort zone but she really makes you feel safe. I had suffered from anxiety for many years and finally I have an understanding on where it began and I can start my healing journey.

Thank you for doing what you do.




Client's Testimonial Video

Client's Testimonial Video

- Fatemeh D.

- Ruby

- Kim Johnston

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