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How to change
one star at a time

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Hi I'm Afsaneh!


I am a Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner and Therapist,  Reiki Master, Mind/body and energy Healer, Subconscious healer and a Coach.

I have always had a deep interest in the conscious and subconscious mind. 


From an early age I felt a strong calling into helping people. What I see now is that what I wanted for others was also something I longed for, for myself.


You may have heard the phrase: "we are never done healing." I prefer to say, "we are never done growing."



Who am I?


       I am a woman that has seen many faces in war and has concluded that the men and women in our society deserve to be heard and cared for in a respectful matter so they can find their real purpose.

I have specialized in Hypnotherapy that gives me a tool to help you to find the why, how, and when your trauma and anxiety has started.

Then I have the coaching aspect that gives me the tool to help with the future and how to overcome the past.

When one has the knowledge from the past and the tools to help overcome them, then their future looks much brighter.  DON’T you think?

I have worked with clients all over Canada, US and UK which were extremely successful.

Why I'm doing this?


I do this because I love giving back to society. I'm in the business of healing and giving, not deceiving.  I love seeing my clients conquer their hell and to find their version of heaven, it gives me a sense of accomplishment. Knowing that I have changed one life at a time gives me hope for the future of our planet and our people. I firmly believe that everyone of us possess the power within us to change and to become the best version of themselves and only then can we truly be the change that we have been seeking for our entire lives.

I have been a very intuitive person since I was a child and being a feeler healer has always had its interesting curves in my life. It  has helped me in my personal life as well as others. I am a firm believer that once we find balance in our mind, body and soul then we can find balance in our life.

We are such magical beings and were given so many different gifts to work with. 


I believe that with the right guidance the most extraordinary healing comes to us.

I make it my mission to learn and grow every day so I can be the best at what I do but at the end of the day you have to be ready and want to welcome change into your life.


               We are all born confident so why can't we live it every day of our lives as well? The person you are meant to be is within you. So why not get help to bring it to the surface?  


You are in charge of rewriting your own life blueprint not your Trauma


and remember


Change is not just for others, it's also for you. It is to become the best version of yourself and by feeling free and to feel liberated is everyone's birthright. 

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Did you know! 

The part of you that exists just beneath the surface operates on codes, kind of like a computer. Its the part of you that runs you. 


Your belief codes, your emotional codes and your identity codes quite literally shape the way you see the world, how you respond and what you are capable of.


My work is to help you change these codes and in doing so, reshape who you are and it is possible.

This takes the form of deep emotional healing, the reframing, of long held stories and beliefs and challenging and uplifting of your most deeply held identity.  



"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."


- Mahatma Gandhi

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